The Committee of Recommendation is a committee consisting of important and relevant people supporting this study tour to Singapore and Malaysia.

Academic relations

External relations F.P.T. (Frank) Baaijens
Rector Magnificus of Eindhoven University of Technology
Mr. B. (Ben) van Beurden
Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell C.J. (Hans) van Duijn 
Former Rector Magnificus of Eindhoven University of Technology
prof.dr. H. (Hans) Clevers
President of Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW)
prof.dr. L.P.H. (Philip) de Goey
Dean of the department of mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology
Mr. H. (Harry) Molenaar
Ambassador of the Netherlands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mr. F.A. (Frans) van Houten
Chief Executive Officer of Royal Philips

Given below is the agreement which is signed by the members of the Committee of Recommendation.

Hereby I declare to fully support the study tour to Singapore and Malaysia, planned August 2015, of 30 students from the department of mechanical engineering of the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The University of Technology Eindhoven is a prestigious Dutch Technological University, one of the leading Technological Universities of Europe.

Therefore I am willing to participate in the Committee of Recommendation of this study tour. With this statement I emphasize the importance of the initiative, which clearly contributes to the relations of Singapore and Malaysia with the Netherlands and particularly the cooperation in important areas of science and technology.

I recommend the different institutes in Singapore and Malaysia to support the study tour of the students of the University of Technology Eindhoven, to ensure a successful visit.