Companies are focused on a certain part of technology. To have a clearer overview, below the companies are divided per sector.  The names given below are examples of possible companies to visit. It does not guarentee any visits, but it gives an indication to the visitor that there are plenty companies to visit.


Communication sector (Malaysia)

  • YTL E-Solutions Bhd
  • Green Packet Bhd
  • IRIS Corporation Bhd


High-tech (Malaysia)

  • JCY International Berhad
  • UNISEM (M) Berhad
  • Malaysian Pacific Industries Bhd
  • Globetronics Technology Bhd
  • AIC Corporation Berhad


Logistics (Singapore)

  • Precision Products Singapore
  • Singapore Precision Repair & Overhaul
  • Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd
  • ST Aerospace Engines Pte Ltd
  • Helicopter Flight Services (HFS)
  • ST Aerospace Guangzhou Aero-Technologies & Engineering Co Ltd.
  • Hovertrans Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Joint Shipyard Management Services Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine)