Saturday the 22th of August

Today, there were no group activities planned, so we could go on a trip by ourselves. I joined Kelsey on a visit to Sentosa Island, followed by a visit to the Gardens By The Bay with the Marina Bay Hotel in the background. At the end of the day, we joined the rest of the group and visited the rooftop bar at Raffles place.

We started our trip to Sentosa by going to Harbor Front with the subway train. The public transportation in Singapore is very well organized and works excellently. With automated trains arriving at near perfect timing which depart with intervals that rarely exceed 10 minutes: NS eat your heart out. At Harbor Front we hopped on the cable car. This cable car spanned from the highest hill in Singapore all the way to Sentosa, providing a great view of the south of Singapore. A lot of which lies on artificially created islands to accommodate this awesome city’s ambitions. From Harbor Front we glided through the air at great heights to the highest hill in Singapore. Here we visited a monument celebrating Singapore’s independence. There, a tree was planted by one of the founding figures, overlooked by a large white merlion, which is a lion with a fishtail representing the symbol of Singapore.

After this, we took the cable car to Sentosa, providing a fantastic view of the harbor and the city. Unfortunately, the skyline of Marina Bay was not really visible from this point. Sentosa is a tourist hotspot. It has a lot of tourist attractions, including a water park, the Universal Studios Themepark, an indoor skydiving center and even an artificial beach with a beachside resort.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the downtown district to view the statue of the original British founder of Singapore, Raffles. Unfortunately, this district was under renovation, therefore the statue was covered in protective sheets. The colonial architecture and white buildings really make these building stick out. From the downtown district we walked along the GP circuit which will host the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in a couple of weeks. Preparations for this are made as workers are installing lighting installations and safety walls. The track takes us along the bay to the Marina Bay Hotel, where we had a great view of the skyline and the Art & Science Museum. Every 15 minutes there was a show at the Gardens At The Bay: a beautiful park with a lot of attractions and artwork, like a butterfly garden, a giant baby statue and giant flowers. The artificial flowers, towering the park, lit beautifully during the show, creating a mesmerizing ambience.

Finally, we joined the rest of the group at the sky bar on top of Raffle’s place. This building is one of Singapore’s highest and let me tell you, the view is nothing short of breathtaking. We arrived right in time to enjoy another lightshow at the Marina Bay Hotel, where an awesome display of lasers, fountains and even flame throwers entertained us while we enjoyed a nice cocktail. All things considered, it was another amazing day in an incredible city.

Greetings from Singapore,

Jelle Damen