Q: When does the study tour takes place?
A: It takes place in week 34 up until week 37 2015.

Q: How many ECTS do I need in order to participate?
A: During the registration period you will need at least 130 ECTS to register.

Q: What is the price of the trip?
A: The cost of the study tour is €1200 with an additional €250 for unforeseen expenses. This includes the food (the breakfast, lunch and dinner), overnight stays, excursions, activities and transportation arranged by us. Alcoholic drinks are not included.

Q: What if I cannot pay the full sum at once?
A: There is always a possibility to pay the amount in three terms. These can be found in the registration procedure.

Q: How much time will we spend on educational excursions and recreation?
A: We try to strive for a balanced 50/50 ratio of our time for excursions and recreation. The trip offers great opportunities for fellow students to take a peek inside facilities and companies. The recreational will be scheduled in the near future. The students has the choice whether they would like to join or have their own planning. This needs to be discussed with the committee beforehand.

Q: Which companies will we visit?
A: This list has not yet been determined, we will try to keep you soon updated via the e-mail or via other social platform!

Q: What medical expenses will be covered and what do I need to watch out for?
A: We will get group insurance for the trip that covers some medical expenses. Although Malaria pills are recommended by travel guides when visiting Malaysia. These pills are not covered by the participation fees. Furthermore take in mind that the food in these countries can be difficult for your stomach to digest and result in diarrhea or other illnesses. It is advised to bring along some medicine to prevent them!

Q: Will I miss the first week of the first quarter of Semester A in the academic year 2015-2016?
A: Yes, we tend to return at the end of the first week of the first quarter of Semester A in the academic year 2015-2016. Make sure you have prepared for any additional study delay and notified any important contacts.

Q: Must I partake in the pre-activities?
A: It is obligatory to participate in the pre-activities that will be held by the study tour 2015 committee for the following reasons. It is of importance to know fellow participants beforehand and discuss plans with each other. Also these pre-activities are meant to introduce the participants to the culture to reduce the culture shock and behave more properly during the trip. If the participant has a good reason unable to partake these activities, then he or she must discuss this with the committee beforehand. Make sure you plan your schedule ahead of time to prevent any time overlap with these pre-activities.

Q: I have X fears and/or Y allergies, could you please take these things into consideration for me during the trip?
A: Yes, if you tell us in good time, then we can take them into consideration. We will try our best to keep your special needs in mind.

Q: I dislike eating Asian (spicy and oily) food, are there enough Western dishes?
A: We cannot guarantee  to meet your preferences of dishes. The food courts offer a variety of foods that possibly contain Western chains to satisfy your demands, but we cannot guarantee that every day. A good alternative is by stocking food from convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.